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Reel World Slots is committed to enjoying gaming across a range of eras. From vintage classics Electrocoins, through 80s and 90s classic themed machines like Gladiators, Andy Capp and Eastenders, all the way to the modern games in Spartacus. The Hairy Slotters enjoy touring the UK and playing a variety of machines and showcasing the fantastic arcades we have. We are jackpot chase, streak maker and Kings of the pie games. Come and join the Reel World Slots family and relive the game in your childhood and experience the thrill of chasing some fantastic jackpots on today's machines. Here at Reel World Slots, we are also keen that you get the most out of your game. We have reviewed many of the most important gaming websites and have used them ourselves to ensure they get the best gaming experience. Retro often shows videos of his online games via our YouTube channel, so you can see how committed we are to online games. Our special links give you access to offers that are only available to us at Reel World Slots and give you the best for your hard-earned money. We also support responsible gaming and here at Reel World Slots we set limits when we play and never exceed these. So come on in and enjoy the complete gaming experience of Reel World Slots. Reel World Slots arose when the youtube channel for retro arcade machines differed from youtube and then bounced bigger and better than ever. It's no longer just a one-man show, we have RETRO (Jamie) on camera and the face of the live show streams on youtube, and oh yes website editor not that I'm good. Then we have SASSY (Rach) who is the real boss and superior to all Reel World Slots, no different than home life. since RETRO and SASSY are a couple, SASSY is in charge of everything and does video editing and regulations for what can and can not go on the youtube channel and comes up with crushing ideas to entertain the subscribers, still waiting. then we have MR ONETEC (matt) we call him MR ONETEC because he owns Onetec Amusementsin Eston near Middlesbrough. He just likes to come on the trip and loves a good bet, always up for a good laugh and one of the nicest guys you will ever meet. He just shows up everything that happens on his slot machines in arcades, he calls us to film what happens, he is not really good at filming yet but he gets there, let's just leave the film to RETRO for now, huh? MR ONETEC has been known for filming in bookies tho, some fantastic pictures of MR ONETECS win for today's session. And on occasion, GUY777 has ELECTROCOIN KING with us. GUY777 is completely potato about electrocoin fruit machines in the UK like bar-x, magic 7, magic 10 and so on. We're still trying to teach him how to use other fruit machines in the UK, but he does not seem to understand the concept. Ironically, GUY777 know how to play concept fruit machine because they are of the same type of machine as electrocoins. But GUY777 can always laugh and can be a little weird sometimes but he gets there overall Reel World Slots is a team that is very dysfunctional but works and it is great fun to produce and edit the movies and entertain the viewers/subscribers.






Reel World Slots travels the entire width to bring you the best in slot machine entertainment. from land ends to john'o groats we find and search for those classic forgotten amusement arcades. 4 years ago, there were not many left But we found MR P'S CLASSIC AMUSEMENTS & REEL FRUITS in Bognor and REEL FRUITS in Maidstone, but unfortunately after lockdown, REEL FRUITS in Maidstone has still not opened. MR P'S CLASSIC AMUSEMENTS & REEL FRUITS in Bognor has reopened and is getting better and better. 2020 has seen classic amusement arcades appear around the country CAESARS PALACE in Weston simply open with over 80 classic fruit machines and then we have our favourite ONETEC AMUSEMENTS THE NEW CLASSIC ARCADE OF THE NORTH with their jpm, maygay and barcrest fruit machines from the 1990s you would be angry not to visit. ONETEC AMUSEMENTS has been around for about 6 years but it was not until 2020 that it became a classic entertainment arcade in his collection, they have everything from jpm's sonic the hedgehog to barcrests andy capp and with ONETEC AMUSEMENTS CLASSIC COLLECTION growing and growing it is well worth a visit. Reel World Slots movies mainly on-site at ONETEC AMUSEMENTS I guess you can call this the movie. Reel World Slots is also looking for arcades where people can film for youtube and show them on the youtube channel with tour videos and gameplay. Some of them have even made it to the Reel World Slots website


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